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Our passion is transforming businesses. Whether it’s helping your future clients to gain new realizations or by guiding them to work with you. Together we will create victorious and lasting results.

I Lead.

Even the most successful closers get stuck at times. My system for unlimited growth gets you results… even if you’re a seasoned pro.

I Close.

My team of Victorious Closers and I are dedicated to transforming your busines by creating consistent revenue.

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If you’ve dreamt of living life on your terms and creating lasting financial confidence, I invite you to take the steps I took.


“Hope is a true asset to my life and business. I appreciate all that she and her team continue to do for me. If you're looking to dependable results, you're in the right place.”

Christine Murphy

My story

From the classroom to closing high ticket offers for companies and other entrepreneurs, I use my military and teaching training to victoriously close for you.


Just five years ago, I returned to the States after teaching in China for two years.


I lost focus and perspective on my ultimate goals and found myself out of alignment with my core beliefs.


It was time to create new life strategies to reignite and realign my life. So I did!


Now, I close high ticket offers to help your business become even more victorious.

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Let us help you exceed your business goals.