5 Traits of an Effective Closer

5 Traits of an Effective Closer

…A closer is a trusted, independent enrollment coach who closes your warm leads over the phone, and works on a 100% commission bases. Fortunately, the pool of closers is growing. How do you know what to look for when choosing the best closer for your company? To help with this, I’ve synthesized 5 traits of an effective closer.

Tonality – the quality of their voice is authoritative, confident, and smooth. While on the phone with this closer, you should feel comforted by his/her voice.

Loves your products or services. The closer loves your products or services because they have purchased from you before, or are in your funnel and have consumed, commented and liked your content, and or have benefited from your coaching services.

High Emotional Quotient (EQ) – To close effectively, the closer must be able to connect with and empathize with your clients and prospects. This day and age, having a high IQ alone is not enough, because the art of closing requires being able understand how your clients’ feelings are directly related to their purchasing decisions.

Intellectual Quotient (IQ) – The closer must know and love the intricacies of your products and or coaching packages. When the closer knows your products or packages inside and out that knowledge, combined with a high EQ will provide your prospects with certainty and confidence in your offers.

The closer is willing to do extra for you. The closer is a giver first, and offers value to you and your company before discussing potentially closing for you.

BONUS: You’ll know when you’ve selected the best closer, for you, because while on the phone you will gain a sense of affinity, trust, and confidence that this closer will treat your clients and prospects with respect. Also, the closer will value each phone interaction and correspondence as though you were taking the call.

For more information on what to look for before onboard a closer, schedule a quick chat with me.

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