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If you have a steady stream of warm leads, and have premium services of $5K+, then on-boarding our closers would give you the freedom and peace-of-mind to consistently generate revenue to expand your business. Our goal is to help you impact more lives by closing them on your transformational services.

Meet Our Closers

We proudly achieve victory daily on a 100% performance bases.


My passion is closing for clients who bring genuine value and change into their prospects’ lives.


As a member of Victorious Closers, I am committed to increasing your impact and outreach, all the while helping you save time and energy to spend towards developing your business which results in a winning scenario for all parties involved.


As we work purely on commission basis, the success of your bottom line is paramount to us. We look forward to bringing you more success to your work, and helping your clients’ realize their full potential.

Walid Masud

I am here to help you and your business attain that next goal, which you have set forth for yourself, pertaining to the growth of your business, in upping your bottom line.


Working with clients that has products and services of genuine transformational value is where I love supplying my knowledge and service. The knowing that I have helped somebody, take the next leap to secure a better chance at whatever they dream of achieving, is why I am a closer. For me it is a way of giving back.


Your company’s success is directly related to how well your business is closing leads that are generated. Having said that, we are completely focussed and committed on achieving exactly that, while also ensuring the customer is a good fit to your product. We look forward to closing clients to you and your company.

Marius Du Plessis


My name is Bethany Hunt and I’m a high Ticket Closer that has been trained and mentored directly by Dan Lok, a multimillionaire celebrity entrepreneur. I have a strong background in psychology and continuously closed deals between 30-50k in a previous corporate firm.

I worked more than 12 hours a day and pushed harder to successfully increase revenue, then later received no bonus. Now, my income is a direct reflection of my dedication and achievements. I close deals at a 100% commission rate and thrive as a closer.

I’m part of Hope White’s HTM team, a very influential and compassionate leader that is part of Dan Lok’s team. I close for Hope White and our team because they are powerful closers with sophisticated methods, personable values and always aiming to surpass expectations in everything they do.

Together we close High Ticket Packages for influencers that aim to scale businesses exponentially and impact the lives of others globally.

Beth Hunt

trevor kong

Trevor resides in Virginia of the United States for two and a half decades ever since he moved from Hong Kong, his birth place, to the U.S. with his family.

He graduated at George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016. Trevor worked at a global architectural and engineering firm for 10.5 years as a Graphic Designer, and after he had completed 

Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closers Certification Program since 2018, he dedicates himself towards closing high ticket offers to help change people’s lives one at a time with his closing skill. Trevor found Victorious Closers a team he can count on and be a part of to help successful business owners not only maximize their revenues but also impact the world together by reaching larger scale of people.

Trevor Kong


Who is Closing your Business Gap?

Being a part of Hope White’s Victorious Team means creating a sense of fulfillment through closing deals transformational, real – estate and financial packages.

My name is Sharon Lok and I am a high ticket closer and professional problem solver. I believe that loyalty, resourcefulness, equality and diversity will bring profitability and wealth to business stakeholders.

Having qualifications in Commerce, Psychology, Industrial Design and Project Management has given me a good foundation for my 15 years of experience within technical recruitment, property development, information technology (IT) and design industries.

Collaborating as a team, we look forward to building a mutually beneficial business relationship between our companies.

Sharon Lok


I cut my teeth in Fortune 200 corporate environments where I consistently delivered profitable growth in numerous highly competitive markets. In industries such as retail, manufacturing, pharmacy, insurance, and others, I have grown millions of dollars in sales, improved employee and customer retention, lowered operating costs, and enhanced the brand.


Not only do I understand the importance of connecting the right customer, with the right product or service, at the right time, but I can develop and execute the ‘how to’ required to achieve it. Now over 14 years later, as an entrepreneur and business owner of multiple businesses, I blend my corporate knowledge and experience with my closing skills to bring immense value that inspires others to take the action needed to create the life of their dreams.


What would you be willing to do for yourself & your team to achieve your biggest goals and change the lives of your team and countless lives of customers? 

What would achieving that goal be like for you?

Brandon Garrett


I’m Carlos R. Farfan and I’m a High Ticket Closer that has been trained and mentored directly by the king of high ticket sales, Dan Lok. I partner with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human. 

The psychology of conventional sales and High-Ticket Closing™ are worlds apart. The latter requires a higher level of finesse and intellect.

I know what truly drives conversions, and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

As a High Ticket Closer, it is my duty to help customers make the right decision on a product or service without pushing or being salesly. It is my duty to understand their pain points and help them go through a smooth process.

It is an honor to serve you and your clients. As a member of Victorious Closers, I work 100% on a commission basis so I’m driven by results and desire.

Carlos Farfan

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